What is Impact Player Rule | Tata IPL 2023


Cricket needs a miner rule change here or there from time to time to ensure the fans keep following the game. This is something that introduces new dimensions and strategies to the cricket game. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is one of the three interstate senior men’s cricket championship in India. It is India’s domestic T20 cricket tournament. This tournament was named after Indian former test cricketer Syed Mushtaq Ali. BCCI had introduced the concept of an impact player in this tournament. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2022-23 was played between 11 October 2022 to 05 November 2022.

What is Impact Player Rule | Tata IPL 2023

It is a substitution rule for players to come in a full match each team can replace a player with a reserve latest by the end of the fourteenth over of an innings as a result this allows the team getting to use an additional batter or a specialist 6th bowler. Which may lead to match is being even more intense. Here a brief on the groundbreaking Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy rule. The first impact year Delhi became the first team to use the new impact player strategy in the domestic Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy 2022-23 season.

First Impact Player

Off spinner Ritik Shokeen became the first impact player. He replaced Delhi opener Hiten Dalal who made 47 trans of 27 balls as side posted 167 for 7 wickets Against Manipur in Jaipur. The 22-year-old, Ritik Shokeen who played for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2022 replaced Hiten Dalal during Manipur chase. Ritik Shokeen recorded figures of 2 for 13 in 3 overs as Delhi restricted the opposition to 96 for seven for a 70-run win.

Factor rule by Big Bash

Has any other League use this rule? Ahead of their 10th season back in 2020 Australia domestic T20 league Big Bash introduced the X-Factor rule. And X-factor player named as either 12th or 13th player on the team sheet can come into the game beyond the tenth over the first inning. They can replace any player who is yet to bat or has bowled no more than one over. Replaced player can bowl a maximum allotment of four overs. Even if the player they have replaced has already bowled. This meant a player could affect the course of a match even if he isn’t in the starting eleven of first side. 

Can Tata IPL 2023 do something like this?

The Indian Premier League is one of the biggest T20 leagues in the world. So many international players and local talent don’t get a chance. Because of the team balance or composition. If the substitution rule is included in the IPL the results should be manifold. There will be increased viewership because of more star players being involved. Team analyst  would have to chart plans not only for the playing eleven of opposition players, but for the entire squad.

Can it bring excitement and entertainment to next level?

It would be exponentially increase the excitement and the entertainment levels of the game.  A player’s inclusion according to the pitch conditions and other criteria can play a huge Role. This will also ensure that all players are always on their toes, during the match between they know they can be substituted at any moment. Competition within a team will increase and as a result quality of cricket will rise.

Is International Cricket ready for the substitution rule?

Imagine a situation like this one. KL Rahul scored quick fire 50 runs for India in an important game. Later in the game, he is substituted for Yujvendra Chahal, to come in and by that time the surface becomes the spinning one with plenty of grip and offers for the tweakers. So, the leggy, spin the web, around the opposition batting line-up and wins the game for India. Well, there are a lot of specifications required. But doesn’t a scenario like this make it so much more interesting. The sample size needs to be big enough for domestic League. Then the data needs to be analysed in a proper way before this rule gets incorporated into international cricket.

Can change in the rule make the fans Wonder?

Yes, A change in the rule make the fans Wonder. What new can come of it. As for the player and coaching staff. It is to understand how they can get a competitive advantage. All things considered the substitution rule can impact cricket in a positive way. It might take a few years before it is a full-fledged part of cricket. Even the few might raise the eyebrows are too much tinkering. But what harm can an amendment do if it increases the chances of popularised in the sport, also making the game be more interesting.

How can Tata IPL 2023 teams use the “Impact Player” rule in 2023?

Inductor is very simple. You can replace an Indian player for an Indian player at any point in time. Whichever player you replace in with, he will play the rest of the match. So, what you can actually do, is actually have a bowler come in Bowl three ball or three or four overs in the trot and bring in another bowler who can start bowling another four over’s from there on, and take it off. So, effectively if you use it, Well, you may actually landup the situation where you can play four bowlers in a game and get the value of five bowler of it.

The other Combinations

You can play 7 batsman 4 bowlers. One of the batsmen goes off, so effectively you have 7 batsman 5 bowlers. So, what CRICKET AM would like to see in that rule. Is if you are playing four overseas player allow one overseas player to be replaced by another overseas player. At no point is there 5th overseas player on the ground but you’re only doing within the quota of four Overseas players. Imagine a case something like a Brave is bats and he goes away, and you get Behrendorff coming back in and you got the extra Overseas player but still got the four overseas players only you still using, The policy overseas for overseas. 

The super Sub rule

In the Year 2005-06, the super Sub rule was used. The most successful super Sub for India was RP Singh. He comes in, bowl his full overs quota and goes away and batsman coming in his place. In the Super Sub rule, you didn’t have the same flexibility as this rule possessed. The super Sub had to be nominated before the toss, as if you loss the toss, then there is a issue with super sub.

What will be the strategy of teams?

 So here are the things. What will happen, nobody knows. As the TATA IPL 2023 start, Captains, the support staff and coaches will grapple with this strategy. As well and we as viewer will go along the ride and we will understand, how it plays out. Now at toss you have to name 15 players instead of 11 players.  The reason is that because four player you can nominate so, it’s like football you have. Substitutions only here you can bring one substitute of that sort.

The Final words form CRICKETAM

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You have to measure for the side that you could be batting or bowling. So may be two bowling option or two batting options. Now, CRICKETAM, tell you what would going to happen. The Captain Cool MS Dhoni, going to use this effectively for first year. After that rest of teams will follow it.

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