Chennai super kings players 2023| It Is MS Dhoni’s Last IPL?

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Chennai super kings players 2023| It Is MS Dhoni’s Last IPL? Yes, Chennai Super Kings, It’s time for Yellow Colour. It is time of Thalaiva’s (MS Dhoni’s) Eleven. Because, that is what, the Chennai Super Kings team, is this year. You look at that side, you look at the composition, you look at its makeup and you say, like you have Ocean’s Eleven, Oceans twelve this year. Because you’re goanna have an impact rule. This is MS Dhoni’s eleven or you can say MS Dhoni’s twelve. Because he is going to carry all his options out onto the ground. MS Dhoni has constructed this team to be full of options and you will see that as we go down the side.  

Who going to Open for CSK?

Devon Convey

You start with Devon Convey. Devon Convey is such a CSK kind of player. We were watching convey long before. He came to play the IPL and, first thought of Devon Convey he looks, he is like a hussy, isn’t he.  

Ruturaj Gaikwad

Now come on to Ruturaj Gaikwad. He needs a big season and his form getting into this year’s tournament has been nothing short of astounding. He had a fabulous Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy and then he went to play the Vijay Hazare trophy. He got a hundred in the qualifier, hundred in the semi-final and hundred in the final. He got a double and he was just having a lot of fun. Which is what, he needs to do when he comes in to open the batting for CSK. He will go for it.  Devon Convey will be a wonderful calming presence alongside him and CricketAM think they have the potential to be an excellent opening combo.

Middle Order for CSK?

Who will bat at three for CSK?

Now, come on to number three batting position. CSK has used Moen Ali at number three. But we won’t be surprised, if Moen Ali drops a couple of spots. Because Cricket AM think they’d like to bat Ben Stokes at number three. The higher Ben Stokes goes the better, he is as a T20 player. So, we are looking at Ben Stokes at three.

Who will bat at four for CSK?

The Evergreen Ambati Rayudu at number four? He hasn’t done a lot since last year’s IPL. He did play the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy. He did play the Vijay Hazare trophy, if he returns but when he comes in to play for CSK, his role is so clearly defined. Ambati Rayudu come in, if give CSK 25 runs in 15-18 balls that’s absolutely fine because CSK bats so deep.

Who will bat at five for CSK?

Now, moving to number five batting position. Yes, here is Moeen Ali. At five, he is so destructive. He is very much destructive wherever he plays.

Who will bat at six for CSK?

Ravindra Jadeja comes in at six. The first thing that strikes in your mind. There are four left-handers in the top six. But look at what else you have in the top six. We’ve got Ravindra Jadeja, you’ve got Moeen Ali, you’ve got Ben Stokes, you’ve got eight overs day, in day out, every day and that allows you to play a lot of floaters.

Lower Batting Order for CSK?

Thereafter then, you’ve got Shivam Dube. If you just want an aggressive finisher. CSK will give him a couple of overs also. You can play Shivam Dube because you’ve already got eight overs. The other big news apart from the arrival of Ben Stokes for Chennai Super Kings. Is the return of Deepak Chahar, he just gives so many options to the captain by bowling those three overs up front, nobody takes more wickets in the Power play than Deepak Chahar does.

Bowling Options for CSK?

Mukesh Chaudhary was the breakout bowler in last year. If he can continue his form, he gives you the left-handedness. And then there’s Maheesh Theekshana.

Where MS Dhoni will bat?

Now, we have left one name out MS Dhoni. CSK have got seven bowling options in it. MS Dhoni is free to do what he wants and that is how MS Dhoni’s teams get constructed. It will be very interesting to see how MS Dhoni goes about it this year. Because we have watched MS Dhoni for so many years now. He has always been a powerful batter. He then re-invented himself as a very tactically astute batter. We have never seen him this big. We have never seen him this bulked up and Cricket AM get the feeling that MS Dhoni has told himself I will go out finish games. I will be ten balls or fifteen balls or eighteen balls this year. But who knows what goes on in Dhoni is buying on paper looks a very good site?

Can Dhoni float himself around?

Has taken all his options out on the ground. And created a team of 10. All good IPL teams are teams of 10 with one dangerous floater. MS Dhoni can go and bat, wherever he wants some day, he can go in and bat at eight. someday he will come in at three. Someday he will go in at seven. But this team has 10 players batting all the way down to number nine with Deepak chahar.

Other Power hitters for CSK

They have got enough free hitters. They have Ruturaj Gaikwad, they have got Moeen Ali, they have got Ambati Rayudu, they have got Ravindra Jadeja, they have got Shivam Dube.

Who is going to Bowl at Death Overs?

They have got enough bowling options. The one issue in this side is. Who’s going to bowl at the Death overs. There is no Dwayne Bravo. Even towards the end of his career Bravo had started to get a little expensive at the death overs as well. There is no Dwayne Bravo. Now you look at Deepak Chahar you want him to bowl a lot at the start of CSK bowling. Mukesh Chaudhary was expensive. Pretorius was expensive. ┬áSo, it is going to be very interesting to know how Dhoni is going to play this around.

Home and Away Matches

And That is where the home and Away situation comes in. Last year all the games in Mumbai, beautiful tracks, good bounds, great hitting tracks seven games in Chennai. What happened in the last game in Chennai? Adam Zampa gets wickets, Agar gets wickets, Kuldeep Yadav gets wickets, Jadeja bowls 10 overs for 34. He Bowls upwards of 30 dot balls. What does that mean this is what is coming your way guys. This is what is coming your way in the Tata IPL 2023 at Chepauk. He is going to play with his Spinners.

What would be MS Dhoni’s Plan?

He might even say, one day to Ben Stokes, you want a bit of a break, doesn’t matter, I’ll play Mitchell Santner.  I will get more spin bowling toys around and then watch out for MS Dhoni.

It Is MS Dhoni’s Last IPL?

Is this going to be Dhoni’s last IPL? How many years have we asked ourselves this question? We asked it in 2019, we asked it in 2020, Cricket AM thought might have finished if they had a big IPL in 2020, but they did not.  So, he felt the need to come back in 21 they won in 21. There was the setting all for him. We have seen the post tournament presentation in 2021 and he (MS Dhoni) suggested, he (MS Dhoni) might be done, and we have still remembered the presentation. Presenter of ceremony had told him (MS Dhoni) that he can be so proud of the Legacy has left behind and MS Dhoni replied that he has still not left behind and there was such a cheer even though it was a UAE. It was an IPL season 2021.

Future Plan’s for CSK?


It is now 2023 IPL Season. Shane Watson say he can play for three or four more years. Who knows, but that’s just Cricket feels that at the end of IPL 2023, MS Dhoni might just stabbed us on the back and said, he had not yet gone but at some point CSK will have to break free of the MS Dhoni’s influence of Captaincy. If someone else Rises up this year, they try doing that with Jadeja. It did not work.  CSK is still MS Dhoni’s Level.  

Chennai super kings players 2023| Chennai Super Kings Squad for IPL 2023

Batters/KeepersAll RoundersBowlers
MS Dhoni (C & WK)Ravindra jadejaDeepak Chahar
Ruturaj GaikwadBen StokesMukesh Chaudhary
Ambati RayuduMoeen AliMaheesh Theekshana
Devon Convey (WK)Shivam DubeSisanda Magala
Subhranshu SenapatiMitchell SantnerMatheesha Pathiarana
Shaik RasheedDwaine Pretorius
R Hangargekar
Bhagath Varma
Nishant Sindhu

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