Is MS Dhoni Playing Last IPL 2023?


Is MS Dhoni Playing Last IPL 2023? Yes, you read it right. In this article we will explore about this. In this article we will discuss about the captain of Chennai Super Kings. We will discuss his love for Chennai, his love for M.A. Chidambaram Stadium also known as Chepauk ground, his association with CSK team.

MS Dhoni’s Association with Chennai

As we know, MS Dhoni’s association with Chennai started in 2008. When it comes to inaugural season of IPL 2008, and he was made the captain of CSK alias Chennai Super Kings. But, do you know, his association with Chennai, started before that. He made his test debut in Chennai. Which he considered his most memorable debut. He never knew that he will be picked by CSK. He was in the auction and got picked for CSK. He was also made the captain of CSK.

MS Dhoni’s earlier life

He got the opportunity to understand the culture of Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Which was very different from where actually he came from and what made it even more different. He was more like a wanderer. Do you know, his parents came from Uttar Pradesh (UP). It was initially UP. Then it became Uttrakhand. The star of the Millennium Mr. Amitabh Bachchan also hails from UP. MS Dhoni was born in Ranchi, which was in Bihar then latter on became Jharkhand.  

First Job of MS Dhoni

He got his first job at the age of 18 with Railways in West Bengal in Kharagpur. And then he came to Chennai. MS Dhoni feels that Chennai taught him me a lot. He believes that Tamil Naidu taught him a lot when it came, how to conduct himself, how to appreciate the game.

Is Chennai’s audience different from other?

He feels each game that they(team) played at M.A. Chidambaram Stadium also known as Chepauk, the fans came in Chepauk ground are different from others. They always supported good cricket. MS Dhoni also feels, the crowd at Chepauk is very different and unique from other places. In a lot of times, you have that mentality, where you want, your team to do well, but you do not want that the opponent’s team to do well. Which was never the case in with Chennai audience.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Relation with Chepauk

MS Dhoni feels, cricket audience of Chennai different form other places. He thinks, Sachin Tendulkar got one of the best ovations whenever he walked into the chepauk ground even when he was playing for Mumbai Indians.  

Testing Time in IPL

CSK had a very good Run in IPL from 2008. CSK had a very good run when it came to franchise cricket. But it became interesting in 2020. That was the first season where CSK did not qualify to the next stage of IPL. It gives them (CSK team) a chance to test the real character of the franchise. Because when the going is good, people and franchise always keep talking about what team is doing, what is the process that team flowing. Because when they (franchise) said we believe in the process, we don’t believe in the result and the result is a definitely didn’t go in Chennai Super Kings’ favour in the IPL 2020 season. MS Dhoni feels they (franchise) earn the respect from the team because what they said, what they do.

MS Dhoni on IPL season 2023

MS Dhoni believes they would come back strongly in IPL season 2023. And they were able to win the title of IPL 2023. It will always be a challenge and that is what cricket is all about.

Fan following of Tamil Nadu

MS Dhoni fees the fan following of CSK team goes beyond the limit of Tamil Nadu. It goes beyond the border of India. Wherever Chennai super Kings have played, it whether CSK are playing at Chepauk or CSK go to Bangalore, or CSK go to Mumbai, Or CSK go to Delhi or when CSK played at Durban, Johannesburg although Dubai. CSK have got the most support in wherever they needed that. MS Dhoni always thankful to the fans for supporting CSK the way they have done even through the lean patch two years; CSK are missing, and those two years were the most talked about years. When it came to CSK, when team of CSK not doing well, when team of CSK not there, the fan following of team CSK always backed them tremendously.

Will MS Dhoni retire from IPL?

According to MS Dhoni, he always planned his cricket very well. He played his last game in Ranchi. It was an ODI. Ranchi was his hometown. He is hopefully that his last T20 will be in Chennai. But, it would be in next year, or in 5 years’ time. He doesn’t really know.

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